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Digital Radiography

Theory & Practice
Level: Two
Duration: 1 Day
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Lunch, refreshments and a full set of course notes will be provided during the course.
A full Syllabus can be supplied on request.
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Digital Radiography

This course is designed to provide students who are conversant with traditional radiographic techniques and equipment with an understanding of the new techniques of Digital Radiography.

The course comprises 5 modules that deal with the principles of Digital Radiography, both Digital and Computed, and extend a radiographers knowledge of modern methods.

The students can be assessed for comprehension and progress during the course and are encouraged to participate. Counselling and assistance can be given as appropriate. Examinations can be arranged to particular company requirements and conducted at the School and on site.

The course includes: -

Definitions, Digital Detectors, advantages and disadvantages.
Existing film and processing characteristics.
Computed Radiography, equipment, basic principles and image manipulation.
Digital Radiography, equipment, imaging systems, quality considerations.
Acceptance testing of Digital and Computed Radiography systems.

Lunch, refreshments, and a complete set of course notes will be provided during the course.

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