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Radiation Protection Supervisor

Duration: 3 Days
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Lunch, refreshments and a full set of course notes will be provided during the course.
A full Syllabus can be supplied on request.
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Radiation Protection Supervisor

Designed to comply with the recommendations of the National Radiological Protection Board, PCN/GEN Appendix E3.2 and NATL-RT-002, the course focuses on the Ionising Radiations Regulations, Approved Code of Practice: (1) The Protection of persons against ionising radiations arising from any work activity): (2) Part 4 Dose limitation - restriction of exposure, (3) Protection of workers against ionising radiations. The ionising radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations 1999, Radiation Safety for Site Radiography and Transport Regulations.

The course is suitable for staff who have completed the Basic Radiation Safety Course and who are to be appointed as Radiation Protection Supervisors for site or compound radiographic facilities.

Students are assessed for comprehension and progress during the course, via a structured series of both theoretical and practical phase assessments, which facilitate counselling and assistance where required. On request a formal end of course examination can be conducted.

The content of the course includes:-

The Legislative Structure
Biological Effects
The Radioactive Substances Act 1993
Dose Limitations
The Regulation of Work with Radiation
Role of the Radiation Protection Supervisor
Principles of Protection from External Radiation
Practical Protection from External Radiation
Radiation Monitoring
The Ionising Radiations (Outside Workers) Regulations 1999
Personal Dosimetry
Emergency Procedures

Lunch, refreshments and a full set of course notes will be provided during the course.

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